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    • Property

      Property held jointly passes to the remaining owners outside of the will. If you wish your share of the property to pass to others then it needs to be held as ‘Tenants in Common’.

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    • Inheritance Tax

      The Hertfordshire Will Company offers an advice-based service, and because every client is different, each case is treated individually.

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    • Specific Gifts

      Many people choose to give away specific gifts in their Wills. These need to be described carefully so that there can be no doubt about what it is that is to be given.

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    • Living Wills

      A Living Will is an advance declaration of your wishes on medical treatments that you could be given in the event of serious illness.

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    • Trusts

      There are three main types of Trusts in Wills; Disabled Discretionary Trusts, A Life Interest Trust-now known as an ‘Immediate Post-Death Interest and 18-25 Trusts.

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